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The following definitions are intended to give basic understanding of the terms
commonly used in the pump industry. Some industry standards, or customer
specifications, may have specific meaning of certain terms that may be different
from their common usage - in such case the terms should be interpreted in the
context of the standards, or specifications, being referred to.
K - symbol typically used for an empirical hydraulic thrust factor in calculating
Kalrez - a commercial brand for a perfluoroelastomer compound material used
in sealing parts, such as o-rings, for mechanical seals, valves, and flanges.

Kerosene - a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons obtained by distilling petroleum,
and is commonly used as fuel or cleaning solution. Also spelled as kerosine.
Kerosene is sometimes used as a medium for secondary hydrostatic testing of
pumps used in very low specific gravity service after the pumps are hydrotested
with water to verify that the casings will not leak when handling low specific
gravity liquids.

Kerosene test - a hydrostatic testing of pump pressure containment parts,
such as casing and cover, using kerosene as test liquid. Kerosene testing is
specified to verify that the pump will be leak-free when it handles light specific
gravity liquid.

Ketone - a class of organic compounds containing a carbonyl group attached
to two alkyl groups.

Key - a small piece of square or rectangular metal used to lock a rotating part -
such as an impeller, coupling, or sleeve - with a shaft, and to transmit force to
cause that part to rotate with the shaft without any slippage. Read more.

Keyway - a machined slot to fit or accommodate a key.

Kiln - a furnace or oven for burning, baking, or drying. Many older patterns for
pump parts, such as impellers and casings, are made of kiln-dried wood

Kinematics - the branch of mechanics that deals with pure motion without
references to the forces or masses involved with that motion.

Kinetics -the branch of mechanics that  studies the action of forces in
producing the motion, or change of motion, of masses.

Kingsbury thrust bearing - a commercial brand of tilting-pad thrust bearing of
hydrodynamic type typically used in high energy density pumps.
Kingsbury is a
registered trademark by its owner.

KV - kilovolt, or one thousand volts.

KW - kilowatt, or one thousand watts.
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