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wide. Expectedly there is enormous information on centrifugal pumps but access
to reliable information is not easy. Numerous articles are written on the subject
but many deal with theories and mathematics that may be difficult to understand.
Pump trainings and seminars are also conducted with regularity but they are
expensive or geographically inconvenient for many people to attend.

The popular use of centrifugal pumps has created the expectation that those
who work with pump are familiar with their fundamentals. This expectation can be
intimidating to those who are not. A young engineer attending a pump
symposium might be reluctant to ask for clarification from the lecturer if he felt
embarrassed that others might think his was a dumb question. Similarly an
employee might be intimated from asking help from his peer out of concern that
he might look bad for not knowing better.

Indeed it is not unusual for someone to be well-informed in one pump aspect but
not in others. A design engineer may be good in hydraulics but may have
difficulty designing for manufacturing; a shop technician may excel in assembly
but may have little knowledge in maintenance; an operator may be good at
running pumps but know very little about pump upgrade.

To address those issues this website is created to provide for the free and open
exchange of ideas on matters relating to industrial centrifugal pumps in a
manner that is consistent with someone's level of interest and competence. By
using this website we hope to break down the economic, geographical, and
intellectual barriers that may have prevented others from accessing the wealth
of knowledge that abound on centrifugal pumps.

The EMA Project
June 2018